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Bi Modernization And Azure Cloud Datalake

  1. We provide data integration to your Data wherehouse, Datamart and DataLake from Azure, Amazon and Google Clound.

  2. We provide Solutions development with your application integrated to Cloud.

  3. We provide 24/7/365 support for your BI and Big Data Application integrated to Cloud.

Bi Modernization | Cloud Data Lake Amazon and Azure | Canada

Data Flow

  1. Combine all your structured, unstructured and semi-structured data (logs, files and media) using Azure Data Factory to Azure Blob Storage.

  2. Leverage data in Azure Blob Storage to perform scalable analytics with Azure Databricks and achieve cleansed and transformed data.

  3. Cleansed and transformed data can be moved to Azure Synapse Analytics to combine with existing structured data, creating one hub for all your data. Leverage native connectors between Azure Databricks and Azure Synapse Analytics to access and move data at scale.

  4. Build operational reports and analytical dashboards on top of Azure Data Warehouse to derive insights from the data and use Azure Analysis Services to serve thousands of end users.

  5. Run ad hoc queries directly on data within Azure Databricks.

Azure Data Lake Storage
Highly scalable and secure data lake for your high performance analytics workloads


Unlimited scale and 99.999999999% data durability with automatic geo-replication


Maximum security with flexible mechanisms for data access protection, encryption and network level control


Single storage platform for ingestion, processing, and visualization that supports popular analytics frameworks


Single storage platform for ingestion, processing, and visualization that supports popular analytics frameworks


Cloud Data Lake  Azure and Amazon
  • Azure Synapse Analytics is the fast, flexible and trusted cloud data warehouse that lets you scale, compute and store elastically and independently, with a massively parallel processing architecture.

  • Azure Data Factory is a hybrid data integration service that allows you to create, schedule and orchestrate your ETL/ELT workflows.

  • Azure Blob storage is a Massively scalable object storage for any type of unstructured data-images, videos, audio, documents, and more-easily and cost-effectively.

  • Azure Databricks is a fast, easy, and collaborative Apache Spark-based analytics platform.

  • Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed, multi-model database service. Learn how to replicate your data across any number of Azure regions and scale your throughput independent from your storage.

  • Azure Analysis Services is an enterprise grade analytics as a service that lets you govern, deploy, test, and deliver your BI solution with confidence.

  • Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your organization. Connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and drive ad hoc analysis. Produce beautiful reports, then publish them for your organization to consume on the web and across mobile devices.

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