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Data Governance

Data governance is the overall management of data availability, relevancy, usability, integrity and security in an enterprise. A data governance platform with an integrated data catalog can help your organization find, curate, analyze, prepare and share data. You can keep enterprise data governed and help protect it against misuse.

Data governance solutions from IBM are vital to DataOps. These solutions help to ensure that the data pipeline is ready to help catalog, protect and govern sensitive data, to trace data lineage, and to manage data lakes. Be ready to deploy AI and machine learning at scale.

Data governance Strategy

Benefits of data governance

Flexibility of strategy

Flexibility of strategy

Use multiple entry points to adopt governance that fits organizational goals.

Trusted Analytics

Trusted analytics

Use clean, current information to drive big data projects and applications.

Intelligent data Cataloging

Intelligent data cataloging

Use machine learning to curate metadata, manage assets and share knowledge.

Privacy and Protection

Privacy and protection

Assess the value and risk of personal data. Help secure PII, PCI and PHI.

Data Protection and Data Privacy

The increasing awareness around data protection and data privacy as for example manifested by the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has a strong impact on data governance.

Terms as data protection by default and data privacy by default must be baked into our data policies and data standards not at least when dealing with data domains as employee data, customer data, vendor data and other party master data.

As a data controller you must have the full oversight over where your data is stored, who is updating the data and who is accessing the data for what purposes. You must know when you handle personal identifiable information and do that for the legitimate purposes in the given geography both in production environments and in test and development environments.

Having well enforced rules for deletion of data is a must too in the compliance era.

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