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Big Data, Data Science and BI Solutions
for Your Industry


Drawing on our customer experience, our knowledge of your business environments, and our know-how on partner publishing solutions, we meet your specific needs and the objectives of your financial departments.
That is:

  • Audit, collection, and rationalization of all your data

  • Drafting of the features expected of the tool

  • Segmentation (subdivision) of the intervention perimeter

  • Implementation of secure BI solutions, adapted to users

  • Training of your teams for an optimal handover

Understanding your business, which is at the heart of our approach, allows us to implement a solution while taking into account your areas of focus, your problems, and your objectives.

The technological watch that we perform on our offer of budgeting development tools, available with our publishers, guarantees you the choice of an ideal solution. In the end, the simplification of your budgetary elaboration processes will ensure greater agility on a daily basis, and considerable savings in time for your financial departments – but also, a better overall performance of the company.

Banking & Financial Services

Big Data, the explosion of digital technology, accelerated computerization of data: all these major developments of our time make the Financial management ever-more complex.

To push the strategic role of the Finance Department ever further, we offers you BI and Big data tools adapted to your missions: cost measurement, risk measurement, revenue tracking, cash management, financial investments … New technologies and dashboards will increase your responsiveness on a daily basis. With an overview of the company’s figures, the Finance teams will have more room to maneuver to launch sensible actions and manage in real time.

As a privileged interlocutor of top management, the Finance Department must also report regularly and propose a clear vision of the figures and their evolution. Clear and understandable dashboards will make it possible to set up simple reports to be shared with collaborators.

Finally, the BI solutions that we offer have the advantage of being “Excel-like”: the Finance teams accustomed to the massive use of these spreadsheets will therefore have no difficulty in appropriating the tool.


Therefore, equipping yourself with tools to better read and understand data, in order to improve all of your campaigns, is a real strength.

Today, digital technology is changing business practices. The explosion of online sales and data from social networks used to create consumer insights are a raw material with tremendous potential that our Data Scientist consultants can help you transform.

Return on investment, impact on sales, consumer studies: all this key information is obtained thanks to user-friendly tools with ergonomic and pleasant interfaces, which perfectly adapt to the practices of a Marketing department.

You will thus be able to benefit from a precise view of your activities and monitoring of the ROI of your campaigns via dashboards, indicating key figures, sales, and hot or cold prospects, which will allow you to control your overall strategy.

Energy & Utilities

The energy sector collects large amounts of data on a continuous basis. With the applications of sensors, wireless transmission, network communication, and cloud computing technologies. The amount of data being collected on both the supply and demand side of the coin are quite staggering.Data is only valuable if it’s used so the challenge up to now has been to how can businesses and utilities use this “Big Data” in an efficient manner. We will help you to make value derived from all this data. In the utility industry there are four types of big data sources in utilities. SMART meters, grid equipment, third-party data (off-grid data sets), and asset management data. We use big bata to improve operational efficiencies, drive down costs and reduce carbon emissions. “Big Data” analytics is also playing a major role in energy management on the demand side.


Our publisher-certified consultants use Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide solutions for projects able to collect, transform, and rationalize your data flows allowing you to better understand the scope of your activity, and, ultimately, to better anticipate the future.

In the same centralizing device, you can thus collect, connect, and compare the past figures with the ongoing activity, and that of the near future. By relying on the strength of predictive information contained in your data, the entire decision-making chain will be optimized.

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